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Finishing Touches
Finishing Touches
Sunday, February 19, 2012 5:12 PM

Of foam pads for Bosch sander

Q1. In one of your articles, you did mention that Bosch GEX 270AE is a decent machine for a casual detailer and that is what I am planning to get.

I have also read that the machine is suitable to be used with Meguiar's 6.5" foam pads which I believe is no longer being sold in Malaysia.

Therefore, could you suggest which foam pads would fit nicely with GEX 270 AE's backing plate?
Most enthusiast detailers would have a friend/relative pick up some supplies from abroad but for more convenient access to these products at a reasonable price, I'd suggest you check out the web-store of a very enterprising local supplier at www.duragloss.com.my (kindly note that I do not have any commercial interest with said supplier.)

Q2: My 2009 Toyota Altis has pretty bad water etching on the tailgate and bonnet.

Apart from sending it to a pro detailer, is there anything I can do ala DIY to minimise or remove them?

You should start with a round of degreasing followed by a clay-bar (refer to previous articles I have written for Star Rev/star-motoring.com) contamination removal. 

Once the surface is smooth to touch, use a mild polishing compound to remove the watermarks.

If the etchings persist, move up the abrasive scale by using different grades of polishing compounds.

Finish-off with a last step product like a wax/sealant to protect the restored area for longer periods of time. Remember, prevention is better than cure.

A regular weekly washing routine, the simple act of opening your bonnet and tailgate/boot to let the
remaining water slide-off whenever it rains including a monthly waxing schedule will keep your car
looking great!

Q3: I can't seem to remove some strange substance from my SUV. It seems to be spider goob or some fungal spores. They are tough to remove.

I was told the only way to remove it is to buff it out using compound. What do you suggest?

I’m not an entomologist although any form of droppings on paintwork would still bug me (pun intended).

As with any contaminants, the best step would be to immediately remove it by washing the surface or if it isn’t convenient an intermediary solution using wet-wipes.

If an etching occurs, use a mild polish and move up the abrasive scale to compounds if necessary.

If the etching persists, a professional detailer might be your next best bet as it would require either heavy compounding using a rotary or possibly wet-sanding the area, both of which should be paired
with experience and deft hands.

Please e-mail issues you have with your vehicle to automania@thestar.com.my State place (city/town/village) where you are writing from.
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