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The colour connection
Wednesday, October 05, 2011 2:04 PM

The colour connection

A friend once mentioned it was important that he liked what he drove, since he averaged three hours in his car every work day because of the commute.

It was not comfort and amenities he was referring to. He clarified that spending all that time staring at his bonnet in bumper-to-bumper traffic meant he had to love the colour of the car.

That look-at-me bright yellow paint actually matched his personality, too.
Swek explaining how colour influences the car buying decision.

Colour can make a statement about you, not to mention it’s one of the first things people notice about your vehicle.

Bold colours with fun names remain a hot trend, and that’s not lost on Ford, which started its own wave of trendsetting bright colours with the Mustang in Grabber Blue and the F-150 SVT Raptor’s Molten Orange, as well as the Fiesta’s Bright Magenta and Lime Squeeze.

“Colour matters," said Ford colour specialist Susan Swek.

"One of the first things people ask when you buy a new car is, ‘What colour?

“Ford is taking bold steps in terms of the look and the appearance, doing some new things. The Lime Squeeze on Fiesta did amazingly well, exceeding expectations. It’s been almost two years and it’s still doing well. Men, women, all ethnic groups, all ages, people really like it.”

Swek said colour lets people add a personal touch to their lives, "something that speaks to them and expresses a little bit of their personality.”

“colours like Ruby Red, Race Red, Blue Candy and Ginger Ale are bright, vibrant additions to the palette. Of course, some people gravitate to the classics, the core colours, so we strive to achieve the best blacks, silvers, whites and grays, putting a fresh, modern spin on them.”

Did you know colours have even been tied to the state of the economy on some level?  

Swek said she believes that brighter colours paint a hopeful sign.

“The colour, the type of the material, that all becomes more important to people as they become more aware of the impact of their purchase.”

It wouldn't be wrong to say people form an emotional connection with colour.

Ford has talked to dealers who have said customers have bought a car off the lot based on its colour.

“We did a massive colour overhaul a number of years ago, stepping back from the palette in terms of design leadership for mass volume. We really raised the bar in our paint quality and the appearance, so we’re staying solid and consistent. But each vehicle gets one or two new colours every year,” said Swek.

“Consumers can look forward to tinted metallic and neutrals, more depth and range in colour options and complex tri-coats, which provide more shine and highlights,” she said.

And eye-catching colour isn’t lost on the woman specialising in eye-catching colour.

“When I saw a Blue Candy Tinted Clearcoat Focus driving down the street for the first time, it actually stopped me in my tracks,” said Swek.



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